Homophobic chanting should not stop games, says French Football Federation head Noel Le Graet

French Soccer Federation president Noel Le Graet says he doesn’t need referees to interrupt matches if there are homophobic chants, even though new rules introduced from the FFF this season that allow fractures.
Ligue 1 matches in Nice and Metz were halted within a week of each other a month later discriminatory banner ads were seen from the crowd.
Considers interrupting play is misguided although A Ligue 2 match between Nancy and Le Mans was temporarily ceased earlier in August.
„I wouldn’t quit the games – totally against that,“ Le Graet told French radio station France Info on Tuesday.
The French football league set up an action plan to tackle homophobia in its own stadium in May, with Ligue 1 president.
Asked if referees would accompany his request in this weekend’s matches, Le Graet explained:“I expect so.
„We shall make certain there aren’t any more (homophobic banners and chants). But stopping a game? – No.“
The president does not have the authority to instruct referees to proceed from the rules that are .
Addressing the lovers accountable for the sinking, Le Graet added:“Don’t return to the scene with banners, it is as straightforward as that.
„You can encourage your group, but [homophobia is] totally wrong morally.“
The principles were publicly supported by French sports ministry Roxana Maracineanu, that said she had been“amazed“ by previous comments from Le Graet which“too many games“ were stopped because of episodes of homophobia.

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