3 Keys for Alabama to cover the spread vs. Duke in Week One


Alabama is a heavy favorite in their first game of the season. What will it take for them to pay the spread Duke?
One reason why Alabama fails to pay for spreads is their starters don’t remain in the whole game. Tua sees drama in the fourth quarter, however he occasionally never makes it into the second half. Even though Alabama’s backups are great enough to beat Duke, they won’t score a bunch of points. In the event the Tide are up by 28 using their backups in by the second half, of covering the spread, their likelihood go down. Ideally, Alabama will soon likely be up by at least 35 points when they pumped into their second unit.
This ought to be an interesting game irrespective of the score. Alabama’s offense is just one of the best in the country, and their defense has. Though the winning team probably Won’t be by the end of the first quarter in doubt, that the b

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