How To Bet On The 2019 Oscars in New Jersey

The 91st edition of the Academy Awards will commence on Feb. 24. Now that sports betting is spreading across the country, here is a useful guide for the way to wager about the Oscars this year.
Wait, you can legally bet on the Oscars?
In fact, yes. Several sportsbooks in New Jersey have established moneylines for many of the significant categories.
Moneylines are an perfect gaming type for this kind of wagering since they’re bets about the ultimate winner of the Oscar. The tricky part, rather, comes on the wagering payouts and amounts.
Bettors don’t have any doubt seen moneylines earlier — they are denoted by the three-digit number next to each choice on an odds display board. However, sportsbooks interpret those amounts based upon their sign.
A positive moneyline is a statement regarding how much a $100 wager will pay out. So, a movie or actor listed at +200 for their category would pay out $200 for a $100 wager, and the proportional equivalent for other amounts.
Conversely, a negative moneyline is the amount a bettor must bet in order for a $100 payout. Therefore, a film or celebrity listed at -200 will require a $200 wager to pay out $100. To put it differently, the same $100 bet in the previous paragraph could just get a $50 settlement.
Where can someone bet on the Oscars?
Currently, there are just a few select New Jersey sportsbooks offering bets on the Academy Awards. DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, BetStars NJ, and PointsBet will accept bets on the outcome of the nominations.
More New Jersey sportsbooks will likely join these four as the service draws closer. Frankly, a number of them are probably still recovering from the Super Bowl.
However, bettors may start making wagers on these three sportsbooks. Here are some of the Present moneylines for the major categories (based on FanDuel):
Best Picture
A Star Is Born (+1100)
BlackKKlansman (+1400)
Black Panther (+1600)
Bohemian Rhapsody (+1800)
The Favourite (+700)
Green Book (+330)
Roma (-175)
Vice (+5000)
Best Manager Alfonso Cuaron (-1200)
Yorgos Lanthimos (+2500)
Spike Lee (+700)
Adam McKay (+2000)
Pawl Pawkikoski (+2000)
Finest Actor
Christian Bale (+170)
Bradley Cooper (+900)
Willem Dafoe (+4000)
Rami Malek (-225)
Viggo Mortensen (+2000)

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