Ruiz Jr vs Joshua II: ‘There will be an edge’ from Anthony Joshua at hat-trick of press conferences, says Eddie Hearn

Anthony Joshua“has that spite back“, based on some promoter Eddie Hearn, who anticipates three fiery encounters with Andy Ruiz Jr this past week.
Before a December 7 rematch live on Sky Sports Box Office, joshua will see Ruiz Jr for the first time since losing to him in a press conference in Saudi Arabia now.
The rivals will then face-off in London on Friday and in New York on Thursday before ramping up preparation to competition the WBA, IBF and WBO titles.
„He’s looking into the eyes of a man who has conquered him, and it will be fascinating how he responds,“ Hearn told Sky Sports.
„I don’t think AJ likes him, he does not enjoy the comments that have been made. It’s likely to be more lively.
„There’ll be respect because they had a fantastic fight, but there’ll be an advantage.
„AJ has got that back. I have seen it. I like visiting this – it must be manipulated aggression and commanded spite. You’re going in to knock somebody out and that’s what AJ would like to perform.“
Joshua had told AJ: The Untold Truth About his frustrations that an undisputed heavyweight championship battle against Deontay Wilder didn’t materialise.
He said:“I have taken around the planet in my 16th fight, I’ve consistently achieved that. Then I am fighting Ruiz Jr?“
Hearn insists Joshua has rediscovered his driveway:“He didn’t have any emotion, and he made that clear. He was not up for combating Ruiz Jr..
„It was nothing against Ruiz Jr, he just didn’t have some emotion. And he can.“
Joshua also led to a furore by telephoning Lennox Lewis, the last big heavyweight champion, a“clown“.
Hearn explained:“It’s been bubbling for a while. It is not that he does not honor Lennox as a fighter. He does – but he doesn’t admire him in other ways. People did not pick up that.
„‚How can you say that about Lennox?“ Obviously you can, it does not matter what he is achieved. AJ thinks he is a clown. AJ can’t win, occasionally he gets stick to be silent and he’s speaking his head.“
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